Au Pair Adventures


Hello again!

After over a year of hiatus my blog will begin once more. For the next year I will be an Au Pair with a wonderful family in Vienna. My Austrian Adventure continues!

I never thought I would be returning to this gorgeous country so soon, but I am so excited for this opportunity. So, now I get to live out my dream of actually becoming Fraulein Maria and I couldn’t be happier.

The children are adorable, the parents are beyond sweet, and I think this will be a good match. Of course, I expect to be challenged in many ways; by the children,by the language, and especially in driving a stick shift car. But, that’s what makes this such an important experience. And what a great time in my life to take this risk.

So, off I go on another Austrian Adventure and hopefully this time I will keep up with my posting a bit better. If not for my family, for others considering becoming an Au Pair. During my decision-making process there was a dearth of advice blogs about being an Au Pair; at least from an American’s perspective. I hope to relay my burgeoning knowledge, the good and the difficult, to provide a launching point for others to make informed decisions of their own.

Here’s to beginnings. To taking risks, pursuing passions, and finding new ones. More soon 🙂 Tschüss!


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