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After a highly successful semester in Vienna I never thought I would be going back so soon! But here I am, only five days away from departure, ready to start my next adventure as an Au Pair. Things will be different this time around, but I’m looking forward to throwing myself into this experience the same way I did the first time, except with much more confidence in my abilities to adapt to new situations.

My semester abroad taught me many things: how to be independent, the importance of knowing your boundaries and pushing them a bit to experience something new, how to start a stove and oven with a match (or a piece of cardboard and lighter, depending on the day), and most importantly, discovering new strengths and passions I never knew existed. Something I also learned: I love to be challenged.

So, I’m heading to Vienna once more to work as an Au Pair for a sweet family with three adorable children. I expect to have a ton of fun, sometimes be homesick, and be challenged by many things. But, there are three things I know:

1. I can’t wait to spend time with these three children being challenged and learning to be an even better caregiver.

2. Austria has become my home away from home and I will never tire of discovering new ways to love this beautiful country.

3. Family is important, but finding ways to connect with people who are not your immediate family can be just as rewarding. I learned that before with my Eslarngasse family in 2013 and I strive to do my best to do the same for this family.


So, off I go. Here’s to beginnings. To taking risks, pursuing passions, and finding new ones. More soon 🙂 Tschüss!


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