Easter, Bunnies, Chocolate, and Love


While the weather teased us here in Vienna during Holy Week leading up to Easter, Spring was undeniably in the air.  With the family gone to South Tirol for the Easter holiday, I stayed put practicing my role as a Cat Lady.

But, being Vienna, there were many distractions to fill my time after I relished for a few days in the quiet of an early weekend morning. No children attempting to whisper at 6:30 AM (something I’ve learned: children and my sister are incapable of whispering), no creaking of doors as tiny heads peek through my door in the early hours to see if I’m awake, no pretending to still be asleep, no giving in any way and playing until breakfast.  It was Heaven, aside from the first day without heat or hot water. That was the opposite. Easter Baskets

On Monday when the family returned it hit me; I missed them all like crazy. Clambering through thedoor came the bright, energized faces of kids back from a vacation they would not stop talking about for weeks beforehand. But the cutest thing? They actually missed me. It is such a simple emotion, yet so powerful to those that receive it. Beni’s excitement over learning Chess and wanting to play with me, Nici’s happy face asking me to play cars with him, Leonie’s giggle as she insists upon playing pony (obviously I’m the pony), and all of them showing me pictures of their adventures was the most incredible feeling.

My Easter EggThey also set up an Easter Egg Hunt just for me as soon as they arrived home, watching with glee as I searched the garden for their hidden treats. And, of course, they didn’t mind at all receiving yet more candy from me upon their return. I’m sure that helped with the excitement of arriving home.

But the most touching part of this past week was a postcard. Arriving late, as all postcards inevitably do, I received the letter sent a few days into their trip. It’s simple, but, oh, so sweet. They all put effort into writing it; an amalgamation of unique handwriting and signatures. I was shocked when I realized I was tearing up just reading the opening, “Liebe Chloe.” I don’t think I can properly express how incredible that short note made me feel. Wonderful Postcard from the Family

I still have a lot to learn and a lot to experience, but this moment, realizing how much I mean to them and how much they mean to me, is one for the books. These kids make me smile, laugh, cry (this time with happiness, other times with frustration), and thankful that I went on this journey this year.

Happy Easter, Frohe Ostern




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