Winter Break


Well, I sure took a break from blogging-partly because I went home for the holidays and partly because getting back into the swing of things took up so much of my time.

I’ve started my German course, which I love. I missed being in a classroom and so glad I’m back learning new things. I also started singing in the University of Vienna Symphonic Choir where we are preparing to sing Mahler’s 8th Symphony-The Symphony of a Thousand. It’s a pretty incredible work and I am excited to be singing again. It also poses a new challenge to me as my German skills are put to the test. In all, it’s great to have these two commitments, if not to challenge my German skills then to meet new people.

Aside from my large break from keeping everyone up-to-date, we also just returned from a skiing weekend in the Austrian Alps. It was absolutely gorgeous and I learned to ski! While the weather was cold with snow and wind, the mini vacation was so worth it and I am already missing the mountain views.

Hopefully from now on I will be on a schedule that permits me to update more frequently. For now, enjoy photos of my ski weekend soon to be published! Until next time!



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