On to the Next Adventure…


So, right after being out until almost 4am and then taking a brutal German final we were bound for Germany on a week-long trip.  Let’s just say that waking up at 6:45am to get to the bus on time was not the easiest task.  Plus, the fact that we had eaten ourselves out of our fridge in preparation for being gone a week left us with no breakfast…and all the bakeries were closed that early on a Saturday morning.  But, luckily my friend Emily is always prepared with food and was gracious enough to share it all.  Breakfast problem was solved.  Now for the other problem: the incredible lack of sleep.  Well, that was taken care of fairly soon as I drifted off into dreamland almost as soon as the wheels began to turn.

It was the perfect dIMG_0453ay for travel; rain-filled, dark clouds loomed over us all asIMG_0456 we boarded our bus.  Thankfully, this made it much easier to fall asleep and not feel bad about missing the beauty of the sun shining on the sights on our way to Germany.

We stopped first in Prague.  We had a few hours to grab lunch and sight-see before getting back on the bIMG_0459us and heading to Dresden.  The giant working metronome, which replaced a massive statue of Stalin torn down in 1962, ticked it’s hand back and forth as we hopped off the bus and hurried over the bridge and down the street to the center of the old town.

The Prague Astronomical clock, of course, is one of the main attractions in the Old Town Square.  Installed in 1410, this clock is the oldest of its kind still working and in regular use.  EvIMG_0461ery hour the clock goes off with music filling the main square and IMG_0463people gather on the cobblestone square to listen and marvel at the clock’s intricate moving figures.

As this part of the IMG_0484square attracts tourists for the clock and historical feel for the Old Town, the square bustles with people, markets, restaurants, and street performers.  Two men dressed as 18th century nobles taking pictures with anyone willing is a normal sight to see.IMG_0471

My favorite part of the Old Town is a permanent market that began in 1232.  Havelske trziste (Havel’s Market) has booths for everything from wooden carved toys to beautiful paintings of Prague.  Produce, as well, is sold here along witIMG_0482h baked goods and everything else you could possibly imagine.  I only wish we had more time to wander around.  We unfortunately had to get back on the bus to drive to our real destination in Germany.  Not, however, without first marveling at a couple of swans delightfully swimming around the banks of the riveIMG_0498r where our bus waited patiently for our return.  After only three hours we said goodbye to Prague and our bus roared off to Dresden.  I couldn’t wait toIMG_0493 get to Dresden; it would be my first time in Germany.  Only a few hours on the bus stood between me and my next adventure.  Until then, sleep enveloped me, thank goodness, and the trip seemed to go by much faster than expected.  And suddenly, we were there…


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